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Will Vinton

At the beginning of the 21st century, images of the popular dimensional characters completely dominated the airwaves and the movie theaters for the first time.

The growth and evolution of Claymation*, led by Will Vinton and his associates, contributed substantially towards making this happen and has left an indelible mark on the world of animation and entertainment.

Clay, once derided as barely useable for animation, has, in the the hands of this Oregon native and his Portland-based crews, helped to transform the entire world of animation, ushering in a wave of 3D animation that is with us to stay.

Lawrence Gallery is proud to have many of his figures, drawings, and DVDs for sale.

A Past Gallery Exhibit - I Heard it Through the Grapevine

A masterful collection by Academy Award Winning Claymation* creator Will Vinton includes original clay figures, such as The Califiornia Raisin Stage (all other original clay Raisins are at the Oregon Historical Society), original concept paintings and drawings as well as prints.

"The amazing art that our teams created in the process of making animated shows is definitely museum quality! So I was delighted to offer some of this wonderful "production art" to the public! This collection includes a number of my favorite pieces which are available for the first time for others to enjoy," says Vinton.

Vinton, who grew up in McMinnville, has created, directed and produced some of the best-known animated characters in the world, including The California Raisins, Mark Twain, and the M&M's Red, Yellow, and Green Characters. Many of them are in a collection at The Oregon Historical Society.

*Claymation is the registered trademark of Laika Entertainment

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Will Vinton  Will Vinton