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We have been honored to exhibit Prince Lorenzo de'Medici's pop-renaissance art in the gallery.

Prince Lorenzo is the 39 year old descendant and heir to the famous Medici dynasty of Florence. Art is his passion. As an accomplished artist, Lorenzo paints unique portraits of his ancestors, bringing them to life with the language of contemporary art filled with iconic messages and representations of detail that perpetuates their immense legacy. He is a multi-lingual historian, a modern trendsetter with an MBA in Fashion Design and Luxury Goods from Bologna University and an expert in Italian food.

The Medici family supported the art of Michelangelo, DaVinci, Botticelli and many more. The family history dates back to the 14th century, when the Medici were a legendary political dynasty and banking family, which later became a royal house. Among Prince Lorenzo's ancestors are four Popes and two Queens.

We were blessed to hold a reception for Prince Lorenzo in April, 2015, where he brought an early 1500's original DaVinci from his family palace.

Prince Lorenzo de'Medici brought with him a Medici family owned Cistercian Monk Antiphonary from the 1600s. Talented musicians from Resurrection Catholic Parish in Tualatin, Oregon recited chants from the historic book! We continue to have new works from Prince Lorenzo and Medici history.

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