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Will Vinton

Will  Vinton

About the Artists:

Will Vinton is the world renowned Claymation® pioneer having coined and trademarked the word and created some of the most innovative dimensional animation in history. He has received an Academy Award and multiple Emmys for his films and has created, directed and produced some of the best known animated characters in the world, including The California Raisins and the "CG" ("Computer Animated") M&Ms "Red" and "Yellow". He produced the acclaimed television series "THE PJs" for The WB, and "GARY AND MIKE" for UPN. Will also founded Will Vinton Studios to explore 3D animation (including Claymation, Stopmotion, and CG) and grew the company at it's peak into one of the world's most respected and creative companies for all types of 3D animation.

Will Vinton continues to explore, promote and instruct the art and craft of Stopmotion animation and Claymation in new films, gallery and museum exhibits, and in classes and workshops intended to further 3D animation art forms.