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G Perrenoud

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G  Perrenoud Infinite Dream
Infinite Dream
Acrylics on Linen
48 x 60 x 1.25 in
$ 3,300
G  Perrenoud
Acrylics on Linen
54 x 43 x 1.25 in
$ 2,800
G  Perrenoud Bouncing Ball
Bouncing Ball
70 x 57 in
$ 3,950
G  Perrenoud Made in this Universe II
Made in this Universe II
78 x 38 in
$ 3,400
G  Perrenoud Universal Journey
Universal Journey
40 x 60 in

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G  Perrenoud

G Perrenoud

G Perrenoud Biography

When Gregg Perrenoud paints, he likes to make a point, literally. His technique is called pointillism.

Invented by French painter Georges Seurat (1859-1891), it requires a lot of patience, time and effort. It is also called “dot art” because dots, instead of strokes, are used to put paint on the canvas. Depending on what angle you look, the painting appears to be shimmering as the underlying designs become clearer.

Perrenoud begins each piece with a color field, sometimes free and abstract and sometimes sharp lines and shapes. Then, using sticks, he applies a layer of different colored dots. Many layers follow until the final dot is placed.

Though time consuming, the process is also very therapeutic. “I’m driven,” says Perrenoud, “I can’t stop. It’s what pulls me … to be creative.”

Perrenoud thinks of his pieces as cosmic and universal and those words are included in his titles. One such piece has circles and sharp lines beneath the dots like planets and beams of light.


All of his works contain a common thread – survival. From the time it takes to apply hundreds of dots to the revival of trees, it is all about being alive.

A self-taught artist, Perrenoud hopes to induce a feeling of awe in those who see his work. Perhaps, in a way, his creations are parallel to life and the fragility of it, as well as its strength and will.

Friends, family, hard work and the desire to create keep him at his best, and getting better all the time.

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