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Karen DeCourcey

Karen  DeCourcey

Karen DeCourcey

Karen DeCourcey Statement

Karen deCourcey Fine Art Jewelry

Each piece I design and hand-fabricate tells a story, which is the essence of great jewelry art.  It is art in a wearable form that I create to show the beauty of nature by combining structured, geometric shapes with soft, flowing ethereal lines.

I use sterling silver flat sheet, wire (square, flat, round, half-round) and gold (14k, 18k) to fabricate the frames for my work.

I have two distinct lines:

SoLunar (sun + lunar) my meteorite line

My passion for meteorites was a happenchance or serendipitous occurrence.  I was drawn to my first meteorite piece in a rock shop and didn’t know what it was, just that I needed to create with it.  It wasn’t until three years later that I enrolled in a workshop to make “frames” for gemstones.  I took that knowledge and made my first frame for my first meteorite.  They are so rare that I create a framed mini-piece of wearable art with each one.

TerraMer (earth + ocean/sea) my pearl and gemstone line

I begin with fabulous gemstones, minerals and pearls that I am drawn to for their beauty and select for their distinctive quality.

I strive to create works that brings art into everyday life.  My pieces are just as much gifts to me as they are to you.  May their uniqueness celebrate the uniqueness in you!

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