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Ken  Green The Red Door___
The Red Door~~~
48 x 60 in
$ 2,400

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Ken  Green

Ken Green

Ken Green Statement

I believe that a sense of beauty and mystery is important to our wholeness as human beings.  Our contemporary society is sometimes cynical about it, but an awareness of the mysteries and beauties of life feeds our spirits and gives meaning to our more material pursuits.  I continue to be fascinated with the power of art to make us aware of our deepest feelings - mysteries we might never have known about, beauty we might never have experienced.


My most recent landscape paintings explore the relationship between the tangible form of paint on canvas and the experience of the space and light of New Mexico.  This requires the manipulation of formal elements beyond simple representation without obliterating the imagery that gives the experience its context.  In this way these works, like those of the post-impressionists, exist on the border between impressionism and expressionism.




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